In the mornings, by appointment,  Jean-Paul de Vries can guide you on a walk through the former battlefields of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon. In this way you can experience how it is to be a seeker of artifacts from World War I. With a bit of luck you too will find a silent witness.

Jean-Paul walks approximately 2-3 hours at a calm pace. After the guided walk you can enjoy a meal at the Sandwich bar and visit the informal museum.

Price: 120 € per group (maximum 6 people, 15 € extra per additional person)

Searching on your own, let alone digging, is dangerous. Every year people still die.



By appointment, Jean-Paul de Vries will take you on a guided tour of the region by mini-bus between 9am and 12am.  

Tour itineraries can be customized to your preferences.  Jean-Paul can be your expert personal guide to local sights and places of interest, such as Montfaucon, The Lost Battalion, The Sergeant York Trail and Vauquois Hill.

“Personal Heritage” tours are also possible, where Jean-Paul can guide you in following the footsteps of your relative from the First World War.  If you can provide the basic information (name, division, regiment, place and time period), by using the old maps and regimental histories it is possible to find traces in the woods and fields of their regiment still almost 100 years later.

Price: 280 € per group (maximum 8)