Dear Visitor,

Romagne 14-18 has re-opened, every day from 12.00 to 18.00 - by appointment only. Both the store and the the museum will be open and guided tours are also available. Please note that the restaurant will remain closed, but you can bring your own lunch, and drinks will be available for purchase. I look forward to welcoming you with new energy.

Sincerely, Jean-Paul


Millions of men left home to fight for the fatherland. On the home front the women did the best that they could to keep their communities going. Millions of victims, humans as well as animals, lost their lives. Hundreds of square miles of countryside were destroyed and complete villages erased, never to be rebuilt. It was a war that went beyond the limits of endurance for both man and animal.

But the day-to-day life of soldiers was not just about warfare. They passed much of their time behind the front line. In the encampments and the occupied villages, daily life went on. There was drinking and eating, music making and even art. There was time for personal hygiene, letters to home and for visiting friends in the field hospital. Here you will find the life of the ordinary soldier displayed over 260 square meters:  For the men and the animals who, for four years, did the 'impossible'.

Romagne '14-'18 shows in a touching way the human aspects. A personal story is hidden behind each object, the silent witnesses. In this way the passion of Jean-Paul de Vries developed from a private collection to be this extensive permanent exhibition.

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